Corporate Services specializes in providing corporate service solutions for your online presence, including:

Domain Registration Strategy
For the best return on investment, every company should have a domain registration strategy that protects brands, products, copyrights, trademarks and any intellectual property in cyberspace. Get the best advice for keeping your domains protected and forming a domain registration strategy for your company. more information..

Domain Portfolio Management
If your company has a large number of domain names, managing each one can take time that you don't have. Our domain registration specialists can help, with years of experience with dot-CA domains and gTLDs with a variety of registries. more information..

Copyright and Intellectual Property Protection
If you have a brand, an incorporated name, a product, or a patent, then you need protection online. Many companies pass by on domain names that could be used (or abused) for their business. Often the consequence is a malicious or fraudulent other party capitalizing on this oversight, and profiting from the domain name. more information..

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